Create WhatsApp Stickers Android Application

Whatsapp Stickers

What’s trending on PlayStore nowadays? PUBG, TikTok, Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Facebook, Instagram? I think it’s WhatsApp stickers. Yes, we are noticing lots of applications on playstore related to gbwhatsapp stickers. Nowadays especially in India stickers of election, modi, rahul, bjp, congress are in trend.

Apart from trending stickers there are many applications of stickers which are about shayari, quotes, actor/actress, famous personalities etc. So what actually these stickers are? It is nothing but just a small image which is used to communicate with other users, it is another form of smiley/emoji to share in your messages or to express your feelings.

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Being More Productive With Android Studio – Part 3

As we have already seen some of the android studio shortcuts in previous tutorial.

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  2. Being More Productive With Android Studio – Part 2

Today we will see some more shortcuts to increase your productivity with less efforts.

Search in Project

Windows : CTRL + SHIFT + F 
macOS : CTRL + SHIFT + F

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Being More Productive With Android Studio – Part 1

We all know how to develop good applications by using Android Studio and we are preety much happy with what we are doing. But what if those things will be done with less efforts? We all are habituated to use mouse in our day-to-day life but sometimes knowingly or unknowingly it will increase our efforts as well as development time.

Today we will see some basic shortcuts of Android Studio which will be used in day-to-day life. Most of the time we will use mouse to select whole line or sometimes will select those things by using SHIFT + Arrow keys and then delete that line but in Android Studio CMD + Y(CTRL + Y) will delete current line. Here are some Android Studio shortcuts which will help you to be more productive.

Delete Single Line

Windows : CTRL + Y
macOS : CMD + Y

Android Studio shortcuts

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